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Massage Therapists

We aim to match you with the muscular therapist most suited to meet your needs. Our goal is is to give you the highest level of treatment relief from pain and rehabilitation from injury.

Karen Hilliard, Massage Therapist, Brookline, MA

Karen Hilliard

Karen Hilliard (founder) has been in practice as a Muscular Therapist for over 30 years. Her first and most influential training in bodywork was through modern dance. Movement therapies in general have deeply influenced the way she approaches each session.

Her goal is to help each person obtain a kinesthetic awareness of their specific postural and movement patterns that may be restrictive and contribute to soft tissue pain and injury. She works with many levels of manual therapy, from deep structural work, neuromuscular and trigger point therapies, active isolated stretching and myofascial release work.

She works effectively with many manual therapists such as Physical Therapists, Strength Coaches, Movement Therapists, Chiropractors as well as Orthopedic specialists.

30 minute session: $55
45 minute session: $80
60 minute session: $105
75 minute session: $130
90 minute session: $155

Jennifer Koh, Licensed Massage Therapist, Brookline, MA

Jennifer Koh

Jennifer Koh joined Karen Hilliard Associates in 2012 after working in Boston for five years. She has been a practicing therapist since 2004 and graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute, now known as Cortiva.

Her bodywork practice focuses on the structural consequences of repetitive movement and the multi-faceted demands involved in the daily lives of working professionals, athletes-in-training and expecting mothers alike. Her goal is to identify the patterns that bring about pain and injury, creating a strategy to return people to their daily lives.

Jennifer’s specialties include orthopedic, sports and pregnancy massage, utilizing aspects of myofascial, trigger point and assisted stretching techniques.

She also brings additional training in Reiki and Clients with Cancer as well as her knowledge of yoga alignment through her training as a Baptiste Power Yoga Assistant.

60 minute session: $95
75 minute session: $115
90 minute session: $140