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Client Testimonials

“The massage therapists at Karen Hilliard Associates are simply the best I’ve ever found. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system and skilled at treating injuries. They’re also warm, kind human beings.”
Christine, Retired, Falmouth
“My one time in the week when someone, Karen Hilliard, looks after me. It’s no longer a luxury.”
Jane, Neuropsychologist, Boston
“It’s much more than a massage, its therapeutic! Karen Hilliard’s energy is so positive. She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. She really takes the time to know what’s going on with you and your body so she can give you what you need. It’s the best massage I’ve ever had.”
Sue K., Clinical Social Worker; West Roxbury
“I am a practicing surgeon in Boston, and the daily physical stresses of my job take a significant toll on my neck, back, and shoulders. John Koran provides a fantastic service with his neuromuscular therapy to relieve my physical tension and keep my muscles loose. I suspect that I would not be able to function long-term as a surgeon without the therapy he provides every month.”
Eric, Surgeon
“Jennifer Koh is a gifted massage therapist. When I first came to her I was having difficulties walking because of hip alignment issues and muscle spasms. Very quickly, Jen was able to help me feel better and walk easier. She has a good understanding of the underlying muscle and body structure, a variety of therapeutic techniques in her tool kit, and a calming, healing presence. As I push my middle age body to be as active as it can, I find that getting massages from Jen helps relieve muscular tension which allows me to be active more easily.”
Anna, Human Resources Director
“Upon recommendation from a Boston osteopath, I first saw Karen Hilliard for massage two years ago during our annual trip from England. Having had chronic back problems for 20 years, I have had many massages in many different countries. Karen is, by far, the best massage therapist that I have ever been to. She quickly got familiar with my back and treated it with the confidence that only someone with 25 plus years of experience could do!”
Anne Marie, Social Worker
“I have consistently found John Koran’s therapeutic massage to be very relaxing and beneficial. He has listened carefully to my needs and each session has tailored his approach to the particular problem I have described. His gentle, effective technique has always left me feeling much improved at the end of the hour.”

“Over the course of my life, I have had cause to try many different types of physical therapy. So, with substantial experience, I can say that Karen Hilliard is easily the most technically proficient provider I have had the good fortune to encounter,though that is not why I am her patient. Far more important to me in deciding who treats me, and of greater benefit for my peace of mind and well-being is that Karen is one of those very few natural healers that make their way into the therapeutic community, and her wonderful people skills and empathy.

David, Real Estate

“I’ve been a client of Karen Hilliard’s for 15 years. She is an excellent therapist, so in tune with the needs of my aching and aging body — going after all those little muscles that cry out for attention.”

Kay, Television Industry
“A year and a half ago my Primary Care physician prescribed massages for me and recommended her own masseuse, John Koran. John is truly & gifted, listens¬† carefully to my needs and seems to find “where it hurts” almost by magic. I am a “regular customer” now and am able to wholeheartedly recommend him to you. You would be most fortunate!”
Jane, Reitred
“In today’s fast paced world it is a blessing to find someone who would listen to you and truly act in your best interest. I was lucky to have met Karen. Having spent long hours sitting in front of a computer my back pain started seriously affecting my everyday activities. Karen spent time discussing the issue with me, understood the problem and proposed a treatment I was comfortable with. After only four sessions of combined massage/chiropractic therapy my pain has gone away. Thank you Karen.”
Zoran, IT Administrator
“Jenn Koh has strong hands and an inner stillness that combine to create a deep, nurturing, and therapeutic massage.She is extremely flexible in scheduling appointments and a joy to know. Who could ask for anything more?”
Betsy, Nonprofit Consultant
“I used to think of massage as the ultimate every-so–often luxury. Now, after having experienced Jenn’s soothing personality and healing hands (for two years now), her genuinely therapeutic work has become a necessity for the health of my aging body. I have had chronic neck stiffness for as many years as I can remember; Jenn sends me off with the capacity to turn my head full range. She is such a fine practitioner; she is a pleasure to talk with, full of good humor and insight– and she is also a wonderful companion in silence.”
Susan, Teacher and Writer